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Addison Ross
Addison Ross is first and foremost family owned and run, we have gone through many changes since our inception in 1978, but at every stage we have maintained our focus on luxury, style and quality. From our early beginnings with a Gallery on the Scottish Borders leading on to the opening of the Addison Ross Gallery in Belgravia’s Eaton Terrace we were instrumental in launching the careers of many up-and-coming artists. It was during these early years that we began creating beautiful handmade frames for many of the West End’s Galleries and Interior Designers. In the early 1990s we developed our first range of Marquetry and Veneer Photo Frames. Since this time we have gone on to expand our collections to include a huge variety of elegant designs. Photo frames were where we began and what we are most well-known for however in recent years we have expanded our ranges significantly to include beautiful clocks, boxes, trays, notebooks and home fragrance.

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