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Alan Lee Collection

The Alan Lee Collection was founded in 1994 by Alan Lee. ALC has developed many pioneering and eclectic designs over the years and has become synonymous with groundbreaking, handmade and functional designer accessories for the home. Alan's use of traditional methods mixed with modern design bestows a timeless elegance and original aesthetic in every piece. His design philosophy is to take everyday household items and turn them from WOW! Each item is designed in New York City to be displayed by itself, as a conversation piece or with items from the entire collection.

To ensure the highest quality, an artisan team of jewel setters assemble and meticulously apply all embellishments to each piece by hand in the United States.

The original Alan Lee Collection can be found in galleries, museums and upmarket shops across North America and abroad. The Ritz Carlton, The Bellagio Las Vegas, The Wynn Hotel and Casino Las Vegas are some of the notable establishments that carry our products. 

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